Inside Colombia’s Transition Into A Tourism Hot Spot
It’s not often that a city known for its 7 a.m. breakfast meetings and workaholic residents also gains renown as a premier party town. Yet in Medellin, Colombia, the paradox begins to make sense very late on a raucous Friday night, when I find myself in a packed nightclub discussing the finer points of entrepreneurialism and urban planning between shots of 60-proof aguardiente.

Medellin: A Great Place To Retire (Yes, Seriously!)
Today, though, Medellín is gaining a reputation as a pleasant, affordable place to retire. A new ranking lists the city as one of the top four overseas retirement locales for Americans. The other three: Cuenca, Ecuador; George Town, Malaysia; and Coronado, Panama.

Colombia On A Natural High
It was a shock to spot a dazzling white band of snow through the sweltering humidity, which was floating like a cloud on Colombia's highest peak of Simón Bolívar. 

Sky High In Colombia 
The landscape stretched across dozens of ice-capped peaks and deep cirque valleys. Moraine lakes, formed by the natural erosion.

The Transformation Of Medellín And The Surprising Company Behind It
Economic inequality is expected to be a major theme of President Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address. While policy discussions on this subject usually center on jobs, taxes and education, there is growing recognition of the value of urban design and public spaces in shaping the equitable development of a city.

Why Medellin Is A Great Retirement Destination
This is your first trip to Colombia, and you've chosen to focus on Medellin? 

Sustaining The Medellin Miracle 
This labyrinthine metropolis transformed over the course of a decade making into one of the safest, most dynamic cities in Latin America by b visionary inner-city renewal projects.

Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
 Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
  D I S C O V E R   T H E   T R A N S F O R M A T I O N   O F   M E D E L L I N ,  C O L O M B I A
Welcome To Medellín, The Capital Of The Colombian State Of Antioquia.

The city of Medellin is Colombia's second largest city and said to be one of the most beautiful cities in all of South America. There is plenty to do and see in this wonderful and vibrant city in Colombia.

The metropolitan area of Medellín is settled within the Aburrá Valley at an elevation of 1,538 meters and is bisected by the Medellin River which flows northward. 

Because Medellin is located at 5,000 ft above sea level, its climate is not as hot as other cities located at the same latitude near the equator. And due to its altitude above sea level as well as a privileged location in the Andes Range, Medellin's weather is more characteristic of a humid subtropical climate rather than that of a tropical climate. 

The city's average annual temperature is 22ºC (72ºF) and because of its proximity to the equator, its temperature is constant year round with minimal temperature variations. Temperatures range from 15ºC (52ºF) to 30ºC (86ºF).

The valley of Aburrá was discovered by Spanish explorer Jeronimo Luis Tejelo in 1541 but the settlement of Medellin was founded later, in March 2, 1616 by Spanish conqueror Francisco Herrera y Campuzano under the name of San Lorenzo de Aburra. 

In 1675 the name was changed to Villa de Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria de Medellin. It was not until 1813 that the villa got the denomination of city. Thirteen years later it was proclaimed capital of the Department of Antioquia, after government officials decided to move out from Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Medellin is a modern and vibrant city and yet remains true to its regional characteristics with its beautiful and stunning natural scenery.

Though it was founded in 1616 it remained small until the coffee boom. It is now the center of the textile industry in Colombia. 

Home to more than three million residents throughout Antioquia who have a reputation for being very industrious and hard-working.

The residents are very hospitable and are great hosts when it comes to showing off their country to foreign visitors.  Colombia is known to have some of  South America's friendliest and sophisticated people who seem to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Medellin is a modern world-class city with great restuarants, hotels, popular museums, as well as the biggest collection of Fernando Botero's works on display in public spaces throughout the city..

Tourism in Medellin is barely an industry, yet many experienced travelers refer to Colombia as South America's best-kept secret.

Medellin has made a remarkable turnaround,  convincing  many foreigners to invest in real estate in Colombia's "city of eternal spring." 

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"The very industrious locals, affectionately known as Paisas (pie-suhz), have built one of South America's most modern and affluent cities with an aggresive campaign focusing on education."
Discover The Magic of Colombia

To the northwest of South America there is a paradise where the borders between reality and magic disappear. A paradise with infinite locations to discover, sensations to enjoy, experiences to live. It is a paradise called Colombia.

Colombia bears the name of Christopher Columbus and is one of the most spectacular and colorful countries in South America. 

It is the only country on the continent with both Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, Colombia features the Andes at their most dramatic as well as the impressive jungle and Amazon region in the south. 

The magnificence of the landscape is equaled by some of the most beautiful colonial towns in South America, and among the richest flora and fauna life found in the world. And, of course, you will find some of the world’s best coffee and amazingly warm and happy people throughout all of Colombia.

According to government figures, about 1 million international tourists visit Colombia every year.  
The Colombian tourism board is expected to see that double in the coming years as word gets out from travelers returning home, spreading the word about the magic of Colombia. Follow us on Facebook.

Medellin Colombia
Colombia Medellin
Medellin Colombia
Medellin Colombia
Medellin Colombia
Street kids juggling - Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
 Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
 Medellin, Colombia
       I must say that visiting Colombia and specifically Medellin ranks as my #1 international travel experience.” 
                                       - Stephen

       I am a recent traveler to the city of Medellin, Colombia. I did have one of the best times of my life.”
                                             - Mike

       I can't say in just words how much I love Medellin. I am as gringo as it gets and I will make Colombia my home one day soon.”
                                        -  Patrick

       I love the city, Medellín is just amazing!! The people are the kindest ever!! I recommend you all visit Colombia!!"
                                        - Jessica
Cheap Flights To Colombia

Jose Maria Cordova Airport (MDE)
There are two airports in Medellin: The Jose Maria Cordova International Airport is about a 45 minute drive into the city...

How To Navigate The City
The city is easy to navigate because it is based on a grid system. View map.

Taking The Bus
The cheap and efficient bus system is a great way for travelers to explore the city.

Taxis are cheap and another great option for exploring the city...

The  Metro System 
The Metro System in Medellin is the only one in Colombia. It is safe, clean, easy to navigate and cheap. View printable map.

Included in the metro system are two lines of cable cars, the only public transportation by cable cars in the world. The cable cars take passengers up the steep hills in Medellin. It's also a great way to see the wonderful panoramic views in “the city of eternal spring.”

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Juan Carlos Mejia Escalante
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Extreme Sports Adventures In Colombia:
La Expedición Cóndor de los Andes
" Medellin: Home of The Paisas "
Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
Medellin, Colombia
"BBC World Service journalist and presenter, Luis Fernando Restrepo, returns to Medellín the city where he was born and grew up, to investigate the reasons for its transformation. Through his personal account he describes life amidst urban warfare during the years of his youth."

Grupo Gale is a "Colombian Orchestra," directed by Diego Gale. Their music features a strong emphasis on up-tempo, danceable, salsa-like rhythms. The band has found great success with  enthusiastic audiences the world over.
 BBC World News Stories
 AUDIO: Medellin Transformed
Parque Explora
Interactive Museum
Tel (+57.4) 516 83OO
Carrera 52 Nº 73-75 
Medellín - Colombia 

Museum of Antioquia
Fernando Botero 
Tel (+57.4) 25I 3636
Carrera 52 Nº52-43  
Medellín - Colombia
Santa Fe De Antioquia
Mariscal Robledo Hotel
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Carrera 12  9
Medellin - Colombia 
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"Ven A Medellín" by Grupo Gale
Museo de Antioquia celebrates 80 years of Fernando Botero 
ESPACIO, in collaboration with an Innovation Grant from .CO, announces the launch of its co-working space/entrepreneurial center in the heart of Medellin, Colombia.
The “City Of Eternal Spring” has launched an aggressive urban renewal campaign which has successfully transformed itself into a modern world-class city, contributing to several bold and inventive strides in architecture, technology, transportation, gastronomy, fashion and, of course, a major bustling night life scene in Colombia, a major boost to the local tourism industry.
"Feria de La Flores" is a popular twelve day flower festival which is celebrated every August throughout Medellín, Colombia
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